Excelitte - Our Cyber Security Toolset provides 100% Data Loss Prevention (DLP) using: Encryption, Automatic/Backup & Recovery, Phishing Message Scanning, Shared Auto Protect to secure data in spreadsheets, files, images, videos, archived emails etc.


Excelitte Phishing Message Scanner

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Have you received an SMS or email message from an unknown sender?

You should be concerned about clicking on a suspicious looking or unknown web address or opening a malicious attachment.

3.4 billion phishing emails are sent daily and just under 3 billion SMS phishing attack messages are sent weekly, by clicking on these kind messages both you or the organisation you work for could become victims of ransomware or all other cybercrimes.

If in doubt or for all messages from unknown senders simply copy and paste the suspicious web link or drag and drop the attachment into the Excelitte Phishing Message Scanner, use it for free on mobile phones, computers, and all other devices.

Excelitte Data Capture from Spreadsheets and Stored in a Secure Encrypted Format

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Excelitte Data Capture also instantly converts your data in a spreadsheet to a web-based software database application, automatically encrypting your data, providing access to it only after 3-Factor authentication.

Excelitte Data Capture instantly encrypts your computer or cloud-based files of any format, ensuring that your files can’t be ‘ransomwared’, stolen, or lost.

How do we achieve this?

  • Data is instantly in seconds converted/imported into a secure database application, no waiting months or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a software application to hold your data securely. Instant migration of your data into a secure app and customisation if required.

  • Three factor data authentication: authorisation for access requested via email, SMS and three-factor authentication such as face recognition or fingerprint.

  • Your data when converted and uploaded to Excelitte Data Capture is encrypted which means that in the almost impossible or unlikely event of the data getting hacked, it is stored in a scrambled format and can’t be viewed.

Excelitte Encrypted File - Single & Group Usage

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Collaborate and share with your colleague’s sensitive files or healthcare data with a 100% guarantee that it can't be hacked or 'ransomwared’.

Excelitte Encrypted File sharing feature provides the following three options.

  • Share, collaborate, securely view, amend & update an Encrypted File across more than one user or across a team via email for all files of no more than 20 MB.

  • Share, collaborate, securely view, amend & update an Encrypted File across more than one user or across a team either via email for all files of no more than 20 MB or via any cloud storage service.

  • Share, collaborate, securely view, amend & update an Encrypted File across more than one user or across a team via any cloud storage service.

Healthcare data are attractive to cyber-criminals because they contain financial and personal data, can be used for blackmail, and most valuable, are ideal for fraudulent billing.


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Excelitte.AI is an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) module that uses learnt intelligence to proactively seek out and defend preemptively all cybersecurity attacks.

Excelitte.AI's point of difference is that it employs both an Offensive and Defensive Approach to combatting cyberattacks & ransomware.

Excelitte partners & collaborates with Australia Cyber Security Center (ACSC - Ministry of defence) to share both classified and unclassified information on cyber threat actors, assessments, and all related Cyber Security data in real time.

Using Excelitte has been amazing to capture data stored in spreadsheets over the last 11 years or so that were in the hundreds. In seconds all our spreadsheet data was easily captured, saved securely encrypted, and very easily accessible from a website.

We have also used Excelitte to secure sensitive client visa related files etc. It is certainly an innovation in capturing instantly and storing data securely.

Mohsen Jaffri - Education Embassy – Operations Director – Nov 2023

Our country wide team work on hundreds of accounting/tax related files and Excelitte was perfect to ensure that these files can’t be hacked or stolen.

Vik Dhawan - MPA, CA, Partner - Lucas & Co

We use Excelitte to secure sensitive payment data that comes across when receiving payments from all our clients worldwide, it works perfectly for us.

C. Ogbonna - Gurulogistics



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Excelitte Data Capture automates the process of transferring/relocating your spreadsheet data to a database, secures it from ransomware attacks in seconds, and can recover the data if lost, no matter the circumstance.



Excelitte Data Capture imports or captures your data from a spreadsheet and transforms it into a web application in an instant, literally in seconds. Example 1 million rows of data can be captured and transformed in approximately 40 seconds.



In a nutshell, Excelitte Data Capture secures data stored in its database or PC based files for individuals or sole traders, small, medium, and enterprise organisations. You can protect your data in seconds since there is no need to install software or have a technical background.






You need Excelitte Data Capture if you

  • Use spreadsheets to store data and wish to have the data 100% secured in software applications in seconds
  • Have email files you wish to have archived and secured 100%
  • You have any kind of file on your computer server, personal computer, container, virtual server, etc, that you wish to make sure is 100% secure at the file level

Excelitte Return On Investment & Value Preposition

Excelitte Data Capture instantly secures and protects any file in your cloud drive or stored locally on your computer in seconds by encrypting your file and ensuring that it can only be decrypted from Excelitte Data Capture after 3-factor authentication. The file is only ever stored or saved in the same location as the original file.

Also, your data in spreadsheets can be migrated/imported into Excelitte Data Capture which is a web-based database-driven software application container in seconds negating the need for you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building one from scratch. Customised features can also be developed as add-on requirements.

Excelitte Data Capture will first analyse the columns and the row information in the spreadsheet then use the information gleaned to develop in seconds an end-to-end encrypted web database software application based on the data in the spreadsheet and offers 2D reporting, chart analysis capability, etc.

Your data in Excelitte Data Capture can never be stolen, hacked, or viewed and is 100% recoverable if it is lost or deleted accidentally or maliciously, etc.

We develop Cyber Security Products to provide 100% security for your data from Cyber Theft such as

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As an Enterprise Organisation why use Excelitte to secure your data and confidential files?

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Data Security
  • You don’t need to spend 12 months (minimum software development time) and run the risk of developing a product and having to deal with software bugs, delivery delays, cost overrun and non-delivery as Excelitte is already built and can be deployed in less than 2 hours.

  • Excelitte from the moment it is deployed automatically captures your data in a spreadsheet and provides 256 Bit Encryption Protection for any manner of files visible via the Windows Operating System and allows access to the data via a 3-Factor Authentication process.

Excelitte is your response to the cybersecurity threat - specifically ransomware and data theft

Excelitte specifically protects your data from the following forms of ransomware:

  • BadRabbit
  • BitPaymer
  • Cerber
  • Cryptolocker
  • Dharma
  • DoppelPaymer
  • GandCrab
  • Locky
  • Maze
  • MeduzaLocker
  • NetWalker
  • NotPetya
  • Petya
  • REvil
  • Ryuk
  • SamSam
  • WannaCry

Almost all ransomware attacks target and encrypt or lock data in known file formats such as docx, xlsx etc.

Excelitte offers to hold your sensitive data and files already encrypted in an AES-256 bit format which is impossible to break.

Uses two-factor authentication and three-factor authentication to prevent anyone from viewing your information.

Excelitte Data Capture is an automation tool that captures data from spreadsheets, then solves the usual problems with using spreadsheets such as accidental deletion or transformation, security, manipulating/analysing large volumes of data and duplication of the same spreadsheet data.

You could never lose data held in Excelitte Data Capture to Ransomware criminals, since it is auto backed up weekly and sent to your Master account via email.

What you get with a free trial of Excelitte

  • Convert, migrate, or move up to 1 million rows of spreadsheet data in less than 40 seconds into a web-based application.

  • Your data is automatically converted, stored very securely, there are no exposed files that can be ransomed, its details stolen or any form of unauthorised access to your data.

  • Your data is backed up, can be restored in minutes, and sent to your email address weekly or every three days depending on your preference without you having to lift a finger.

  • Automatically generated 2D summary reports for all numerical data.

  • Automatic data trend and chart analysis in the form of pie, bar, line, and scatter graphs.

  • Excelitte Encrypted File - Single & Group Usage

  • Excelitte Phishing Message Scanner

Alana Mclean - Ticker News Anchor – says about Excelitte “It is fantastic use of technology to manage & secure data”

Avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and waiting for months or years to migrate or move your data into a database web-based software application, start a free trial today.

Excelitte Databases vs Spreadsheets

Excelitte & Data Security

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Excelitte protects your data by ensuring the following;

  • Fact: Excelitte uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256 bit) to encrypt data stored in it.

  • AES-256 would take 2.29×10³² years to crack, so cracking AES-256 encrypted data even with a quantum computer as of today would take longer than the universe has existed.

  • Data is backed up automatically every day, every two days, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference and sent to you automatically by email. With Excelitte holding your data, you will not be affected by ransomware attacks, data theft, or loss since you can always recover your data from your backup.

  • That the file holding the data cannot easily be copied, viewed, or accessed by any non users.

  • Data is accessed, viewed or amended only after three-factor authentication, digital ID, machine ID or IP address authentication.
Data Security

Collaborate and share with your colleagues sensitive files or information such as healthcare data with a 100% guarantee that it can't be hacked or ransomwared.

Move your spreadsheet data into Excelitte in 35 seconds and never have to pay out any money to ransomware criminals.

Data is a company’s highly valuable asset that needs to be retrieved and updated. Excelitte provides this function instantly.

The data held in spreadsheets is prone to changes and transformation i.e. fractions converted to dates.

Overwriting of each other’s data updates & different copies and versions saved in different folders, no single source of truth.

Spreadsheets have limited data capacity and can lead to data loss which can severely disrupt/impact your business.

Loss of data when any computer that the latest version is saved is lost, stolen destroyed, or not switching on.

With multiple people working on the same project, version control is challenging. Excelitte solves this.

Want to know more, read what the experts have to say.

Excelitte Data Capture automatically converts thousands of spreadsheet data into a website application and can now be edited, new data added, viewed, analysed & manipulated.

You can convert thousands of spreadsheet data into Excelitte Data Capture allowing you to view them all on the same page and can be accessed privately on your computer or shared across a team.


Excelitte Data Capture and Secure File Sharing backs up your data weekly and sends you notification via email. The backups are also listed in the Excelitte dashboard.


Your data is safe and secure, stored in encrypted, scrambled format and all backups are also encrypted.


Your encrypted secure data can be accessed remotely.


Convert data from a spreadsheet to a database that can be retrieved from anywhere via the web.


Unlimited amount of data can be stored, retrieved, updated, and edited in an efficient & timely manner.


Can handle any number of simultaneous user updates.


Holds unlimited amount of data, subject only to the space of the host computer.


Excelitte Data Capture & Secure File Sharing encrypts your sensitive data/files and provides 3-factor authentication: Email, SMS and three-factor authentication.


Data updates are easily recoverable, in the event of a computer crash, theft of device or accidental deletion of data.

Sign up to use Excelitte as follows;

Tier 1

No Credit Card Required
  • Single User Account
  • Can convert, migrate, and encrypt up to 1000 spreadsheet records
  • Can encrypt up to 5 files

Tier 2

A$ 389.00
/Per Month, Billed Annually
  • 5 User Accounts
  • Can convert, migrate, and encrypt up to 20,000 spreadsheet records
  • Can encrypt up to 25 files
  • 7 day free trial

Small/Large Business Dedicated Cloud Server

Pricing available on request
Hosted on dedicated managed cloud server

  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Can convert, migrate, and encrypt unlimited spreadsheet records
  • Can encrypt unlimited files
  • Usage subject to the host resources
  • Complementary penetration test

Enterprise version

Pricing available on request
Hosted on your server

  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Can convert, migrate, and encrypt unlimited spreadsheet records
  • Can encrypt unlimited files
  • Usage subject to the host resources
  • Complementary penetration test