Our Computer Hacking Challenge

Case Study

We have hidden either in an Excelitte encrypted file or in the Excelitte database, some random text/numbers that will be referred to as Secret text waiting to be exposed for 10,000 US Dollars.

Any one able to retrieve this 72-character line text and send it to us - (thechallenge@excelitte.com) will automatically be paid $10,000 transferred to your designated bank account or bitcoin wallet.

We have included a simple question that requires an answer to be provided to also prove that you have gained access to the secret text.

We will also need details such as the device name, file location or database type and name from where you have retrieved the secret text.

We are 100% convinced that it can’t be done but in the unlikely event that you succeed in exposing the text data. In addition to the $10,000.00, we are likely to pursue a working arrangement provided you are not on any security services wanted list globally.